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Live blog Feb 13 - Eye on Algeria

From our headquarters in Doha, we keep you updated with reports from our staff across the country and further afield.
Last modified: 13 Feb 2011 01:14

From our headquarters in Doha, we keep you updated with reports from our staff across the country and further afield. 

Live Blog: Feb 12

Eye on Algeria - Photo Timeline - AJE Live Stream 

(All times are local in Algeria, GMT+1)

PJ Crowley, the US state department spokesman, has issued the statement below about the Algeria protests.

"We note the ongoing protests in Algeria, and call for restraint on the part of the security services. In addition, we reaffirm our support for the universal rights of the Algerian people, including assembly and expression.

"These rights apply on the internet. Moreover, these rights must be respected. We will continue to follow the situation closely in the days ahead."

The Associated Press agency reported that hundreds of demonstrators have clashed with police in the eastern Algerian city of Annaba on Sunday, as the opposition announced another major anti-government rally next weekend.

Reuters news agency has reported that Algerian opposition groups said on Sunday they would follow up the protest they held this weekend by calling a demonstration in the capital every Saturday until the government is changed.

Several hundred protesters, inspired by revolts which overthrew entrenched leaders in Egypt and Tunisia, defied a police ban and protested in Algiers on Saturday. 

"We will continue to march until the regime steps down. Each Saturday we will maintain the pressure,"said Mohsen Belabes, a spokesman for the RCD opposition party which helped organise the protest on Feburary 12.

Elias Filali, an Algerian blogger and activist, reported that the Police has intervened using tear gas to disperse protesters and to remove tens of families who illegally occupied new built homes overnight in the capital Algiers in place called "Ouedou chayeh".

"They were removed by force and their belonging thrown out of the windows onto the streets, the families who occupied the homes have been living just near by in the slums for years living in desperate conditions.
One of the reasons to why people protest around the country is the lack of housing

3:47pm Elias Filali, an Algerian blogger and activist, said Ali Yahia Abdennour, a senior figure and human right activist,  'we should continue protesting every Saturday in the same square, we will gather momentum as we progress we want our dignity back, yesterday the police has brutally beaten many protesters amongst them a pregnant women, old ladies, a journalist, young men and women, we should carry on protesting until we get our rights, "he said.

12:20pm YouTube footage posted on Saturday allegedly shows Fodil Boumala, a prominent Algerian journalist, being arrested. The video could not be independently verified:

Internet intelligence authority Renesys, says in a new blog post that it has no evidence that Algeria's internet has been shut down.

Algeria typically has about 135 routed network prefixes in the global routing table, and our data show that they are all still routed and relatively stable. Traceroutes inbound confirm that sites hosted in these prefixes are still alive, and spot checks of websites hosted in Algeria show that most are up and functioning normally."

6:35am Michael Binyon, a foreign affairs specialist for The Times newspaper in London, tells Al Jazeera that while Yemen's government may face pressure, the situation in Algeria is different:

4:44am Al Jazeera's Bhanu Bhatnagar reports on the thousands of people that joined pro-democracy demonstrations in Algiers, the Algerian capital, on Saturday:

2:55am Karima Bennoune in The Guardian: Yesterday Egypt, today Algeria

2:03am A cartoon posted on Twitter: Show Bouteflika the Red Card! 

2:00am New footage of arrests made during protest on February 11:

1:42am Nabila Ramdani in The Telegraph: Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts

1:22am Reports by Associated Press on yesterday's protest: Thousands Defy Ban To Protest In Algeria

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12:00am We continue our live blog of February 12 here.