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<p>Despite the fact that Myanmar is holding its first elections in 20 years, the best the opposition there can hope for is to have a small voice in the loud military machine.</p>

Last Modified: 7 Nov 2010 05:20

<P>Will Obama's visit to India be an historic moment etched in the annals of Indo-US relations?</P>

Last Modified: 6 Nov 2010 14:27

<P>Just across the border in Thailand, Myanmar dissidents meet to&nbsp;reminisce about the lives they&nbsp;left behind. But&nbsp;there are&nbsp;no regrets.</P>

Last Modified: 6 Nov 2010 07:19

<P>With a&nbsp;Republican comeback likely in&nbsp;the US&nbsp;midterm polls,&nbsp;the outcome of the war in Afghanistan is likely&nbsp;to be crucial to the Democrats&nbsp;as they seek to&nbsp;regain lost support.</P>

Last Modified: 1 Nov 2010 21:30

<P>And so the thing which struck me most on visiting the Shanghai Expo in its last days was not the scale of the four-billion-dollar jamboree, the beauty of some of its architecture, or the (often underwhelming) exhibits in the national pavilions. No. It was the queueing. World-championship-level queueing.</P>

Last Modified: 29 Oct 2010 14:09

<P>About 17,291 life forms&nbsp; face extinction - more than&nbsp;one third of the total 47,677 recognised -&nbsp;and it makes for some very depressing dinner party conversation.</P>

Last Modified: 26 Oct 2010 18:36

<P>Every day some 3,000 more leave the&nbsp; to join the workforce abroad. Already there are some 10 million Filipinos away from home. It's a nation exporting its best resource to stay afloat.</P>

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2010 08:25