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<p>Even the traditional defenders of free-market ideology in the British press have admitted that a tax on bankers' bonuses has won overwhelming favour among the public.</p>

Last Modified: 10 Dec 2009 12:42

<div>Creditors will be praying&nbsp;they get something back from their investments and will go along with the Dubai&rsquo;s request for a standstill on debt repayment.&nbsp;But as&nbsp;prices decline more than 50 percent,&nbsp;prospects are bleak.</div>

Last Modified: 27 Nov 2009 13:14

<p>What do Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Google all have in common? Answer: All three companies had lower profits in the third quarter of 2009 than Brazilian giants Petrobras and Vale.</p>

Last Modified: 19 Nov 2009 04:21