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<P>It is still unclear whether&nbsp;Greece's prime minister has&nbsp;succeeded&nbsp;in pulling&nbsp;his country through its economic crisis and there is little doubt that&nbsp;there are&nbsp;still some very difficult months ahead.</P>

Last Modified: 27 Oct 2010 22:20

<P>&nbsp;Ed Miliband has to deliver a speech which could well dictate if Labour has a chance of winning the next UK election in four and a half years.</P>

Last Modified: 28 Sep 2010 13:36

<P>As Britain raises the threat level to&nbsp;the mainland&nbsp;from Irish-related "terrorism"&nbsp;from moderate to substantial, the UK's security services, already stretched from combating al-Qaeda, now appear to face a second front.</P>

Last Modified: 24 Sep 2010 20:43

<P>&nbsp;In a dingy rock venue in Budapest, lines of code -&nbsp;incomprehensible to all but the cognoscenti -&nbsp;are typed out as an annual conference for hackers kicks off.</P>

Last Modified: 19 Sep 2010 19:44

<p>In a&nbsp;park on the south side of Glasgow, there&nbsp;was nothing but love and adoration for him.&nbsp;But Pope Benedict is sure to&nbsp;face more protesters as his visit continues.</p>

Last Modified: 16 Sep 2010 19:26

<P>Pope Benedict XVI is conducting a four-day visit to the UK, aimed at improving Anglican and Catholic ties, but his tour is expected to face protests from those angry over a child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic church.<BR><BR>Al Jazeera will be reporting on the latest news right here.</P>

Last Modified: 16 Sep 2010 11:56

<P>Residual anger over Greenpeace's&nbsp;success in&nbsp;banning the trade of sealskin has seen&nbsp;the majority&nbsp;of&nbsp;locals in Aasiaat&nbsp;&nbsp;side&nbsp;with a Scottish&nbsp;oil company looking to drill&nbsp;in the area rather&nbsp;than&nbsp;back the environmentalists.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</P>

Last Modified: 14 Sep 2010 17:39