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<P>The pattern over the last four elections has been quite clear.&nbsp; The Labour vote is over-estimated, the Conservatives do much better than expected.</P>

Last Modified: 29 Apr 2010 21:55

<P>British prime minister forced to apologise in person to&nbsp;lady who questioned him on east European immigration after calling her a "bigoted woman".</P>

Last Modified: 28 Apr 2010 19:12

<p>There was an expectation the debates would be important, but no-one really thought they'd&nbsp;be the &quot;game changer&quot; they turned out to be.</p>

Last Modified: 24 Apr 2010 13:50

<p>On the train here from Cologne, one woman locked herself in the toilet to avoid being ejected by the police. She'd done nothing worse than attempt to travel without a reserved seat, though she had a valid ticket for the route.</p>

Last Modified: 20 Apr 2010 15:05