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<p>The reform of&nbsp;large banks&nbsp;is very much at the forefront of the debate in Davos,&nbsp;but who decides when&nbsp;a bank is too big?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Last Modified: 27 Jan 2010 21:39

<p>Founding father of Swiss global economic forum&nbsp;wants glum&nbsp;faces as he points&nbsp;out that this year &quot;there is nothing to celebrate&quot;.</p>

Last Modified: 27 Jan 2010 20:26

<p>Neither Yulia Tymoshenko nor Victor Yushenko is expected to lose Ukraine's presidential runoff quietly.</p>

Last Modified: 26 Jan 2010 17:52

A 35-year-old migrant labourer from Dagestan was arrested trying to get into the Kremlin in an attempt, he later explained, to become Pr

Last Modified: 26 Jan 2010 12:08

<p>40th meeting of the World Economic Forum gets under way in Switzerland, but what will it actually achieve?&nbsp;</p>

Last Modified: 25 Jan 2010 19:20

<p>A recent survey shows that most Serbians do not think Ratko Mladic is guilty of war crimes, or that he should even be handed over to the UN war crimes tribunal in the Hague.</p>

Last Modified: 18 Jan 2010 14:43

<p>These are bleak times in Greece. We're waiting for the full details of a government plan to bring the enormous deficit under control, but it's bound to entail some painful adjustments.</p>

Last Modified: 11 Jan 2010 15:57

<p>In a business where we live on the unexpected, there is one thing we can guarantee in 2010 -&nbsp;there will a general election in the United Kingdom.</p>

Last Modified: 2 Jan 2010 14:26