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<p>I feel sorry for the new Israeli-Palestinian talks. A year and a half in the making, a million air miles flown (mostly by US envoy George Mitchell) to secure them, and still nobody seems excited about them – they weren't even given a name.</p>

Last Modified: 22 Aug 2010 14:57

<p>Not only are donors sending expired medicine, the Health Ministry says most of the aid they receive is unsuitable, poor quality, and the wrong types of drugs.</p><p>As for medical equipment, doctors say it's often outdated, up to 10 years old, broken, and incompatible with the local electricity supply.</p>

Last Modified: 7 Aug 2010 13:32

<p>The Israeli foreign ministry has been busy doing damage control from the botched flotilla raid, but it's made very clear to the security establishment that another boat blunder will throw away all its efforts.</p>

Last Modified: 15 Jul 2010 00:08