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Black Caviar: The making of a racing legend

To many who watched Black Caviar win her 25th race, the victory meant witnessing racing history.
Last modified: 13 Apr 2013 17:17
Luke Nolen rides Black Caviar to win the TJ Smith Stakes at Royal Randwick racecourse in Sydney [Photo:Reuters]

"When I have children, I want to be able to speak to them about the day I saw Black Caviar race. It's really important that I pass that on to my children."

There were a lot people at Randwick Racecourse like the woman who told me that: not racing aficionados, just ordinary Australians wanting to say one day I was there when...

"I was there when Black Caviar won her 25th straight race"; "When Sydney went crazy for Melbourne's horse"; "When Black Caviar strode the equine world."

Many came dressed for the occasion: salmon pink with black spots. Those are Black Caviar's jockey's colours: caps, ties, dresses. Some even had full suits - they were wearing more of the jockey's colours than the jockey. 

It is a remarkable achievement. Twenty-five wins from 25 starts.

Black Caviar had already won more than $7m in prize money. With victory in Saturday's TJ Smith Stakes at Royal Randwick, she's picked up another $600,000.

But Randwick today was about more than money; it was about a horse becoming a legend; about high expectations being met; about experiencing a little taste of Black Caviar.