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FJP spokesman: Rulings were political, but not wrong

Last modified: 15 Jun 2012 16:12

Nader Omran, the spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, was just on AJE talking about political developments in Egypt.

On yesterday's high court rulings, which allowed Ahmed Shafiq to remain in the race while dissolving parliament, he described them as a "worst-case scenario."

To respect the ruling itself doesn't mean that we feel its the right thing just to withdraw. If we withdraw everything will go back for the revolution… I didnt say it [the ruling] was wrong, I said it's a political one, not a judicial one… we have to go on with the elections, we have to not give any chance for the counter-revolution powers… [Shafiq] will not win a free and fair election, never.

And what happens if Shafiq does win the election? He promised to take to the streets, but was vague about details:

Peacefully, of course. We are trying to mobilize all the forces of the revolution again, to object and to take to the streets, and try to achieve the revolution's goals. But peacefully.