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Bahrain - Jun 3, 2011 - 20:38

Last modified: 3 Jun 2011 17:38

A witness who was present at the funeral of Salman Abu Idris at the Manama's main Shia cemetery, in Gudaibya, has been speaking with Al Jazeera.

He says that there were about 500 people at that funeral, and that they appeared relatively "calm", compared to gatherings and protests in February and March.

He said that while some in the crowd raised slogans against the government, "not many people chanted with them".

Protesters left the cemetery to head to a planned protest in the Manama slums, near Bab al-Bahrain, but were stopped by security forces, who were armed with tear gas and rubber bullets, the witness said. He added that he did not see the tear gas being used or rubber bullets being fired.

He also made the point that security forces had set up a number of checkpoints around the cemetery, and were stopping many people from attending the gathering. They checked the identities of those who were attempting to attend, and "most [were] refused entry". 

He said that he had seen Jassim Hussein, a member of the al-Wafd opposition party, at the funeral.