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Syria - Jun 4, 2011 - 19:45

Last modified: 4 Jun 2011 16:45

Security forces opened fire on a funeral procession of some 50,000 mourners today in the northern city of Maarat an-Numan, an eyewitness told Al Jazeera.

“Security forces killed a young protester yesterday, and during his funeral today at around 2pm, the security men opened fire on us from the buildings of the Security branch and Post Office,” he said. 

“We were shouting against the regime and calling for democracy and freedom. We were shouting the Takbeer [God is greatest] and maybe for this reason they got angry and shot at us.”

The source said protesters planned to block the road between Hama and Aleppo in order to try and ease pressure on Hama, where some reports by activists on Twitter say tanks have begun massing.