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Afghans take to streets to end violence against women

Last modified: 14 Feb 2013 17:06

At least 250 Afghan activists and supporters have taken to the streets of Kabul as part of a global campaign to denouce violence against women.

Thursday's demonstration near the historic Darulaman Palace come amid reports that violence is on the rise in the Central Asian nation.

"It was very successful because usually protests don't get so many people", Manizha Wafeq, one of the organisers of the march, part of the global One Billion Rising campaign, told the Associated Press news agency.

Faryaa Hashimi, a 20-year-old student, told the Associated Press news agency "women don't have a bright future and the government isn't doing enough
to protect them''. 

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commission recorded more than 4,000 cases of violence against women from March 21 to October 21 last
year. Most were not reported to police.

Hashimi said the attendees were:

calling on the international community and Afghan government to protect the women.
[UNAMA/Fardin Waezi]