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Abid Ali

Business Editor

Abid Ali has more than a decade of experience covering global business.

Before joining Al Jazeera as business editor in 2008, he edited and copyedited business news at CNN - both on air and online. He has also covered markets and big industry as a reporter for Bloomberg News.

Latest posts

<p>Al Jazeera's business editor argues that the&nbsp;UK's ailing&nbsp;national carrier is&nbsp;finally facing&nbsp;up to the fact it&nbsp;has been &quot;flying on autopilot&quot;&nbsp;for&nbsp;years.&nbsp;</p>

Last Modified: 22 Mar 2010 15:03

<p>Falklands' prospective oil wealth is a certain lure for both the UK and Argentina, who are at odds over the South Atlantic island.</p>

Last Modified: 9 Mar 2010 11:06