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Rob Reynolds

Senior Correspondent

Reynolds has been working in television news for 30 years. He is currently based in Al Jazeera English's new Los Angeles, California bureau and covers news, politics, the environment, science and technology for the network. Reynolds has traveled widely on assignment for Al Jazeera English, from Alaska to the Yucatan, from north of  the Arctic Circle to south of the Equator. Reynolds has reported on recent major news events including the 2008 U.S.  Presidential election, the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and the Occupy Movement protests. 

Prior to joining Al Jazeera English in 2006, Reynolds worked for CNN, NBC News, and CNBC. His previous postings have included Washington DC, London, and Moscow. Reynolds reported from Kuwait and Baghdad during the first Gulf War, and covered the 1990's famine in Africa, the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, the uprising in Chechnya and the US-led military mission to Somalia. He is the recipient of two Academy Awards for his contributions to news coverage. 

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