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Samah El-Shahat

Programme Presenter and Resident Economist
Samah El-Shahat is a development economist. She is also the channel's Resident Economist, giving in depth analysis about global economics.She also presents, People and Power, and contributes to the channel's economics and business show, Counting the Cost.
She is passionate and mad about economics and how power manifests itself in the world. Her most recent work on how firms learn and innovate in Africa was published by the UN in 2007. The only other thing that Samah is even more passionate about, is her chocolate labrador, Lucky.
Samah and Lucky will be getting their joint PhD in economics in 2010. He would have gotten his ages ago, if she didn't hold him back so much!

Latest posts

<p>If you listen to Timothy Geithner or President Obama, &ldquo;rebalancing&rdquo; global growth is their cure for the financial and economic crisis. It is, in fact, the only proposed &ldquo;reform&rdquo; to the financial sector. But what do they mean by it?</p>

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