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Bahrain - Feb 13, 2012 - 15:59

Last modified: 13 Feb 2012 12:59

The Bahraini government plans to stop issuing visas on arrival to citizens of many countries, according to a statement in the official Bahrain News Agency. The move is being billed as reciprocity: only countries that grant a visa on arrival to Bahraini citizens will receive the same treatment.

But the statement suggests the move is also intended to keep certain groups of people out of the country:

This comes following the violations of some citizens from other countries to facilities provided for them when attaining an entry visa at various entry and exit points.

That's perhaps a reference to two American activists, Huwaida Arraf and Radhika Sainath, who were deported from Bahrain on Sunday. Human rights activists need permision to operate in Bahrain. The two were working with a group called Witness Bahrain, which has been monitoring protests over the last few days.

Journalists have also used tourist visas to enter Bahrain throughout the past year, as they've often faced restrictions on entering legally.