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Egypt says 43 policemen killed in clashes

Last modified: 14 Aug 2013 22:22

Forty-three members of Egypt's police force were killed on Wednesday in clashes with Morsi supporters, interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim, speaking at a televised news conference, said the two protest camps in Cairo had been completely cleared.

He accused Morsi protesters for heavily and intensely firing live ammunition at security forces. "There was an attempt by Muslim Brotherhood supporters to spread chaos around the country. Some attacked police centres," Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim also claimed that the way security forces dispersed Nasr City was according to international levels of self-restrain with minimum causalities.

"We acted within the mandate given to us by cabinet to disperse sit-ins and according to plan to minimise possibility of fall of victims. We gave clear orders not to use arms during the process to disperse sit-ins" he said.

He also said that the government will "not allow any other sit-in around the country".