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Mubarak released from Criminal Court, still held on other corruption charges

Last modified: 19 Aug 2013 13:46

A criminal court in Egypt has released the country's former president, Hosni Mubarak, pending his trial on corruption charges related to cornering funds allocated for the annual maintenance of the presidential palaces for himself and his family.

He has not been cleared of the other corruption charges yet, so there is no certainty that Mubarak will be released later this week. It depends on the prosecution.

Also Mubarak is being prosecuted on other corruption charges, besides his ongoing retrial for alleged involvement in the killings of protestors during the January 25 revolt that toppled him.

Mubarak's lawyer, Farid al-Dib, made a statement earlier today that he expects Mubarak to be released later today, however, al-Dib has previously made similar statements which have turned out to be untrue. More soon ...