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Our correspondent tells of Muslim Brotherhood's strategy following the court's decisions.

Last modified: 15 Jun 2012 01:16

Al Jazeera's correspondent, Jamal El Shayyal, reporting from Egypt, said that following the court's decisions earlier in the day, the people on the ground are now fearing that this could be the start of a crack down on civil liberties.

"When the constitutional decrees were drawn up [regarding the third reserved for independent candidates in parliament], there was an agreement that parties were allowed to contest for those seats," he said. "Now a decision has been taken against this. The thing is, this was the only freely, demoncratically elected body post-revolution."

Regarding the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming presidential elections and Mohammed Morsi's press conference, our correspondent said that the fact they are continuing in the elections is seen as a huge gamble. "Yet they are putting their hopes in the Egyptian people, and this is seen as a last ditch attempt to call on the people's support."

"It is also a warning for [Ahmed] Shafiq and his people, saying if they try and meddle with the elections, they will only have themselves to blame."