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Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party condemns the Israeli assassination of Ahmad Jabari in Gaza

Last modified: 14 Nov 2012 18:47

The first reaction in Egypt about Jaabari's assassination came from the Freedom & Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood political party, which issued the following  statement: 

"Freedom & Justice Party condemns the Israeli assassination of the Qassam leader Ahmad al Jabari which is a crme that requires a awift Arab & international movement to stop these Israeli massacres against the Palestinian people under siege in Gaza Strip which Israel is using as a pressure card in its ongoing Israeli conflicts inside Israel.

The party sees that going back to assassination policy against the Palestinian resistance movements emphasizes that Israeli occupation wants to push the region into instability, however, the state of occupation (Israel) should learn that the changes in the region including Egypt won;t allow for putting Palestinians under the brunt of Israeli aggression like in the past.

The party extends its condolences to the leaders of the Palestinian resistance leaders and the Palestinian people for the martyrdom of the freedom fighter Ahmad Al Jabari one of the main architects in the deal which freed more than 1000 Palestinian POWS in exchange of Israeli soldier Gelad Shalit a year ago"