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Government supporters cheer Gaza bombardment

Last modified: 18 Nov 2012 15:21

Al Jazeera cameraman Bradley McLennan sent this report from southern Israel:

As the latest conflict on the border of Gaza and Israel continues it's becoming more of spectacle for local Israelis.

A group of young men fast become friends as they unite on top of one of two hills from where locals can view the latest devastation.

Closely resembling the crowd of a football game, cheers and chants are heard when the small group of supporters see the outcome of a bomb when it explodes onto the Gaza Strip destroying yet another building or home.

Nationalistic songs are also sung as car radios are turned up loud and reports of the latest intercepts of rockets from Gaza are heard.

The crowds mostly from the nearby town of Sderot in southern Israel bring their lunch and in the late afternoon settle in to watch the real-life drama unfold in front if them with cold beer and crisps.

It's very clear on top of this hill that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has their full support.