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Palestinian Authority president Abbas says Israeli aggression is aimed at preventing Palestinian independent state

Last modified: 16 Nov 2012 20:00

In a press conference in Ramallah, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas said:

"We felt from the start the Israelis had a plan  to undermine our people, and ultimately undermining the national agenda and our cause....There is no doubt that massacres have already started, and we have seen on our TV screens that young children have fallen dead."

"The escalation is at its peak, whether in Gaza or out of Gaza."

He went on to say he has talked with the United States and the European states "to urge them to do all in their power to avert the aggression on Gaza."

"We should bear in mind this is an aggression against the Palestinian people, and we should stand united. In these days we should exert maximum effort for national unity and reconciliation....Time is opportune. It is time for mending with our own fences."

"There is no doubt this aggression, in addition to the occupation in the West Bank, are all the same headlines that Israel is turning a blind eye to our rights and our endeavor to have our independent state established."

"We hope Israel understands that security cannot be established without peace....They must work towards ending the bloodshed, and being convinced that peace is a necessity."

"All what is going on is meant to prevent us from our endeavor with the UN."