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Germany - Apr 14, 2012 - 12:30

Last modified: 14 Apr 2012 09:30
The German government says it is looking into a report that weapons bound for the Syrian government were loaded onto a German-owned ship.

The German news weekly Der Spiegel reported on Saturday the Atlantic Cruiser was halted in the Mediterranean after its owners were warned it was suspected to be carrying Iranian military equipment to Tartus, Syria.
Der Spiegel quoted shipping agent Torsten Lueddeke of Hamburg-based CEG Bulk Chartering as saying: "We stopped the ship after we received information on the weapons cargo.''
He said the ship was chartered to Ukraine-based White Whale Shipping, and they said the ship was carrying pumps and similar equipment.

Neither CEG nor the ship's owner were immediately reachable. The German Economy Ministry said it looks into all suspected embargo breaches but did not yet have details of the case.

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[Source: Der Spiegel and AP]

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Below is a screenshot of the Der Spiegel report: