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A bulldozer has destroyed the house of Gaddafi inside the Bab al-Aziziya compound [EPA]

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Libya - Aug 26, 2011 - 13:44

Last modified: 26 Aug 2011 10:44

The AP news agency has reported that NATO is focusing its airstrikes on the region around Muammar Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte, where loyalist forces are battling Libyan rebel troops.

The military alliance said that NATO warplanes targeted 29 armed vehicles near the town, which is 400 km east of the Libyan capital of Tripoli. Rebels are trying to occupy Sirte but expect fierce resistance from tribesman and townspeople loyal to Gadhafi.

The NATO bombing appeared aimed at paving the way for the rebel advance.

In London, Liam Fox, the British defence secretary, said some elements of the Gaddafi's regime were in Sirte "where they are still continuing to wage war on the people of Libya''.

He said NATO would continue to strike at the Gaddafi forces' military capability.