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A bulldozer has destroyed the house of Gaddafi inside the Bab al-Aziziya compound [EPA]

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Libya - Jul 30, 2011 - 16:04

Last modified: 30 Jul 2011 13:04

The director of al-Jamahiriya television's English language service says that three people were killed and 15 wounded in NATO airstrikes on the state broadcasters facilities in Tripoli earlier today.

 "Three of our colleges were murdered and 15 injured while performing their professional duty as Libyan journalists," Khaled Basilia said in a statement.

He termed the air strike "an act of international terrorism" and says that violates the UN resolutions under which NATO is acting.

"We are not a military target, we are not commanders in the army and we do not pose threat to civilians," he said. "We are performing our job as journalists representing what we wholeheartedly believe is the reality of NATO's aggression and the violence in Libya.

"As journalists, we demand that we get full protection from the international community and ask our brothers in the profession from all the world to stand against such attacks targeting media personnel."

NATO says it was acting to "protect civilians" by hitting the site.