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Activist says Yarmouk has been bombed again on Monday

Last modified: 17 Dec 2012 19:53

Rasim Abu Thawra, an activist who lives close to the Yarmouk camp in Damascus, spoke to Al Jazeera about the situation in the area:

The situation is very dangerous on the ground in Yarmouk camp. After the Free Syrian Army took full control of the area yesterday, the camp has become a targeted area for missile and artillery shelling by the regime forces, in addition to the continuous flight of MiGs over the camp.

Since the early morning clashes erupted at the northern entrance of the camp, and several areas have been bombed today.

Hundreds of families had the opportunity to escape the camp this morning. They headed to different destinations. Some of them have relatives outside the camp so they can take shelter there; others went to mosques in neighbouring areas like al-Midan and al-Zahira. It’s worth mentioning that so many Syrian families in those areas have opened their houses for the displaced Palestinians to host them.

The regime is mobilising its forces at the northern entrance of the camp and there are fears of massacres if they enter it. The camp is a completely closed area and the movement is so difficult. So many civilians are stuck inside and cannot escape.”