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Austria to file a protest with the government after UN soldiers are shot at

Last modified: 30 Nov 2012 00:14

Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger instructed his country's embassy in Damascus to file a protest with the government and the Syrian ambassador in Vienna was to be summoned to the foreign ministry after two Austrian UN soldiers were injured after their convoy was shot at on the road to the airport.

"Syria is responsible for the safety of our UNDOF soldiers and must ensure that they can fulfil their international mandate," Spindelegger said.

In Syria, state state television, quoting a foreign ministry source, blamed the shootings on rebels.

"At around 12 noon (10:00 GMT), and while a terrorist armed group was firing towards an army post in the area of Aqraba, the shots hit a vehicule of UNDOF, leading to the injury of two members of those forces," it said.