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Catherine Ashton warns of a spillover of the Syrian conflict.

Last modified: 13 Nov 2012 13:40

EU Foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who addressed Tuesday's opening session at the Arab League, welcomed the Doha agreement to form a new opposition coalition but warned of a spillover of the conflict.

"I want to welcome the work done in Doha to build and bring together the opposition, to be inclusive of the people in Syria to be determined in the offer they make to the people," Ashton told delegates.

"But the tragedy of Syria is a tragedy that affects not just that country but the whole region," she said.

"Countries represented here know the challenges of refugees fleeing for their lives, the threat of the overspill of violence," she added.

The Arab League on Monday recognised the National Council as "the legitimate representative and main interlocutor with the Arab League" and called on other dissidents to join the coalition. [AFP]