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Egyptian police clash with protesters near Syrian embassy.

Last modified: 18 Jul 2012 21:03

Egyptian police fired tear gas at protesters outside the Syrian embassy in Cairo on Wednesday after some demonstrators tried  to take down its flag, protesters said.

The protesters later barricaded a main road on the corniche after some of them threw stones with at the riot police, a witness said.

"Three or four threw stones, and the police started firing tear gas," said  Mosaab Elshamy.

Ahmed Aggour said the clashes began after some of the protesters tried to tear down the embassy's flag.
"We wanted to take down (President Bashar al-) Assad's flag and raise the independence flag. They started shooting tear gas," the protester said.

Syria has no ambassador in Egypt, having recalled him after Egypt recalled its envoy in protest over Assad's crackdown on the uprising against him.

Syrian dissidents stormed the embassy in February, ransacking it and setting fire to its ground floor.

[Source: AFP]