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Free Syrian Army accused of recruiting children.

Last modified: 12 Jun 2012 12:07

While most of the UN's Children in Armed Conflict report details allegations of atrocities committed by government troops and pro-Assad militias, it also includes accounts of children being recruited by the Free Syrian Army.

"The United Nations has received some credible allegations of the recruitment and use of children by armed opposition, including FSA and other armed groups, although FSA has a stated policy of not recruiting any child under 17 years of age. Various sources reported on young children association with FSA carrying guns and wearing camouflage uniforms, the report said.

Radhika Coomaraswamy, the UN special representative for children in armed conflict, told Al Jazeera: "Of course at the command level, they deny it, and I think they don't have any policy of recruiting children, but on the filed level, it is taking place."

The full report is available here.