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At least 1,500 people fled violence in Syria to reach neighbouring Turkey on Thursday

Last modified: 10 Aug 2012 00:50

At least 1,500 people fled violence in Syria to reach neighbouring Turkey on Thursday, bringing the total number of Syrians who have sought refuge there to more than 50,000.

The rate of refugee flows has risen and there are fears there could be an exodus from Syria's biggest city Aleppo, where there is heavy fighting between President Bashar al-Assad's forces and rebel fighters.

There were 50,227 Syrians in Turkey as of Thursday, after 2,219 people crossed the border on Aug 8-9, the state-run Disaster and Emergency Administration said in a statement.

"Infidel Syrian soldiers shot me, they attacked us with anti-aircraft artillery. We had to flee here. Gunfire began while I was at home with my family. He is shooting everything, everyone," said one unnamed Syrian refugee. 

The refugees are housed at nine camps in four Turkish provinces along the Syrian border.

The 17-month uprising against Assad's rule in Syria has created a refugee crisis in Turkey and other neighbouring countries. Turkey is worried that a flood of refugees could overwhelm its ability to care for them.

Opposition sources say at least 18,000 people have been killed since the revolt began in Syria in March 2011.