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Lines from the SNC presser.

Last modified: 10 Sep 2013 17:35

As all relevant actors have been weighing on the Russian proposal that would have Syria enter an international agreement with regards to its chemical weapons, the Syrian National Council has also just held a presser.

We came today to emphasize to the world about new proof that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons in eastern Ghouta and Khan al Asal and other locations.

We call on the international community and on the forefront, the United Nations to hold this regime accountable for what it did which is a crime against humanity.

As of the Russian initiative, we think it is a ploy to gain time to change the rules of the games a little bit longer.

We need an answer from the international community for what’s happening to the Syrian people. The only way for serious negotiations is by stopping this killing machine that regime has committed for 2 years and a half.  There are so many crimes some committed by knives, burning its people alive and ending with using chemical weapons. Holding those responsible for killing the Syrian people will NOT be up for negotiations.

The US, Turkey and a number of other states have recognised the SNC as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. The presser was held in Istanbul, where they are based.