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Syria - Feb 8, 2012 - 03:47

Last modified: 8 Feb 2012 03:47

Tanks entered the Inshaat neighbourhood and moved closer to Bab Amr district, which has been the target of the heaviest barrages by loyalist troops that have killed at least 100 civilians in the last two days, activists said.

"Tanks are now at Qubaa mosque and soldiers have entered Hikmeh hospital in Inshaat. They also moved closer to Bab Amro and shelling is being heard on Karm al-Zeitoun and al-Bayada," activist Mohammad al-Hassan said by satellite phone from Homs.

"Communications have been cut in many parts of Homs and it is difficult to put together an overall picture. But tanks are in main thoroughfares in the city and appear poised to push deep into residential areas," he added.

[Source: Reuters]