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Syria - Jan 22, 2012 - 17:01

Last modified: 22 Jan 2012 14:01

The SRGC, an anti-Assad rights group, says that a large number of troops have raided the area of al-Ghouta al-Sharkiyeh outside Damascus. It says that there is a "heavy military presence" in Kafrbatna, where heavy gunfire and shelling is being reported.

In Rankous, also outside Damascus, troops have reportedly raided Talfeeta, west of Rankous, and opened fire on residential buildings. One person is reported to have been killed in that violence, according to the SRGC.

In Douma, troops have reportedly used heavy machineguns to fire on homes in several areas of Douma, including Jisr Mesraba, and al-Hal market. One person has been killed in that violence as well, the SRGC says.

In Karm al-Zaitoun, Homs, heavy shelling and gunfire has been reported over the last hour by the SRGC.

The SRGC says that the death toll from today's violence is currently at nine.