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Syria - Mar 31, 2012 - 09:03

Last modified: 31 Mar 2012 08:03

Amid what seems to be sounds of intense shelling, an activist in Homs says his city is enduring a "genocide".

We have translated what he says in the below video from al-Khalidiya neighbourhood:

The regime is still shelling with rockets the entire province of Homs, and particularly Al Khalidiya area; and as we speak there is a massacre in Al Bayada area. Rockets does not separate the old from the young, oh my God, God is the greatest. To all Muslims, look at what is happening to us here in Syria. Homs is under genocide; it is attacked by rockets and rocket launchers. They are targeting residential areas and unarmed civilians. The FSA is protecting peaceful civilians, but we do not have tanks or heavy artillery to respond to this heavy shelling or rockets falling over Homs.

To Kofi Anan who is calling for immediate cease of violence, Al Assad has defied the whole world in mockery; they claim to have power on the ground and in the skies. Look at what is going on in Homs, shelling and rockets falling all over Homs.

To Muslim scholars I say, the Syrian people have certain demands, why do you keep launching initiatives and hold failed Arab Summits in Baghdad or Qatar, while Homs is under genocide, Homs is targeted by an cleansing campaign while you are silent. The revolting people have demanded the FSA to be armed and a buffer zone (NFZ) to protect civilians, now we do not know where we are heading to. God is the greatest. There are serious injuries more than six hundred fifty people are wounded across Homs so far as a result of heavy artillery and rocket shelling. I call on Kofi Anan and Muslim scholars, the Syrian people are paying high price in their bloods; we demand a NFZ and arms to the FSA and hospitals to help the injured. There are no HR organisations in Syria, no Red Crescent or Red Cross or any other organisation; we are not asking for bread or water, we are asking for weapons to protect civilians; to support the FSA and the Military Council. We ask the FSA to stand united to protect civilians and topple the regime. The regime will not fall without military intervention and military strike. God is the greatest.

Over the past few minutes, more than 20 artillery shells and rockets have fallen. They are targeting residential areas. May God save innocent civilians. Oh God… Oh God… May God help us, May God doom Bashar and his followers; they are targeting residential areas, women and children. The Muslim and Arab worlds are silent.

Final word from inside Homs, we will be victorious; we will triumph. The worldly life is doomed, but the eternal is the afterlife is eternal; we the Muslims will not be exterminated; God’s victory is looming. We have offered many martyrs in our struggle against this corrupt regime; the regime is cleansing our people; cleansing the Muslims all across the country and in Homs. Even mosques were not spared shelling, residential areas were not spared bombardment. Till when will the Muslim scholars remain silent; our women and children are killed by rickets, till when will you remain silent; God is our support and He is the disposer of our affairs."