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Syrian army sends threat by text to mobile phones

Last modified: 28 Sep 2012 09:45

Below is a text message sent on Thursday by the army led by President Bashar al-Assad to majority of mobiles in conflict-stricken areas:

"Dear anyone that has taken up arms against the State; and has made money. You have two choices; either be killed facing the State or the State will kill you to get rid of you, you decide.

To take up arms against the State; they sent you to are in trouble, leave your weapon and save your life. Syrian Arab Army To take pup arms against the State; the game is over...the countdown has begun to expel all militants from neighboring countries...the State embraces her children's choices. Syrian Arab Army To take up arms against the State: they took the money and abandoned you so you can die, your chance of survival by leaving arms and surrender yourself."