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Syrian PM's defection being planned for months, in conjunction with FSA

Last modified: 6 Aug 2012 13:54

Muhammad el-Etri, Riad Hijab's spokesperson has just been live on Al Jazeera.

He said that Hijab's defection had been being planned for "more than two months", and was executed in collaboration with the Free Syrian Army. 

He was given two options: to either take the office of prime minister or be killed. He had a third option in mind: to plan his own defection in order to direct a blow to the regime from within and today he is declaring his defection and I believe he is the highest ranking official in Syria [to do so] ... it is a one of a kind [defection] and it will have grave repercussions on the regime and significant implications after the departure of the regime and [for] the success of the revolution."