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Chicago Latino voter immigration will be a 'primary issue' in the future

Last modified: 6 Nov 2012 22:55

Danny Solis, a Latino voter in Chicago, tells Al Jazeera's John Hendren that Chicago will come out in force for Barack Obama, the incumbent.

Solis, who worked with Obama as a community organiser in the late 1980s, says of the president: 

He's our guy, Chicago is going to come out strong ... people are going to come out for him.

Though he says issues of jobs, education and safe neighbourhoods will be foremost Latino voters' minds, Solis says immigration is still an undeniable issue for the the community.

If we're not undocumented, our family members are.

Solis went on to say that this election cycle has taught Mitt Romney and Republicans "in general" that:

Immigration reform should be a primary issue to be dealt with.