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Ohio voters on alert for voting difficulties

Last modified: 6 Nov 2012 15:47

Al Jazeera online journalist D. Parvaz is going to be reporting for us live from Cleveland, Ohio - the heart of this election, if the electoral math is to be believed. 

She's currently in Hough, a low-income neighbourhood in the city that reported many problems during the 2004 election. Things appear to be going more smoothly this time around, she reports, but people are on the alert for problems.

One of the voting machines has already broken down, and is not scanning ballots.

Tim Holt, 68, walked out of the voting booth muttering that the "Republicans are cheating already".

"It's not scanning the ballots, so we're supposed to just leave it at the bottom there [in a slot]. They say they're going to count them later. Now does that sound right? It should be counted now. They started cheating. That's not right."