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Romney criticises Obama's efforts at bipartisanship

Last modified: 3 Nov 2012 18:27

Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for the US presidency, has criticsed Barack Obama, the US president's efforts to reach out to Republican and Democratic lawmakers over the past four years.

Speaking to a crowd in Newington, New Hampshire, on Saturday, the former Massachussetts governor said "the president just can't work with Congress, he's proven that time and time again".

While the crowd cheered "three more days", Romney tackled what he says are the president's shortcomings in reaching across the political aisle:

You know if the president were to be re-elected he will not be able to work with Congress. You are going to see four more years of gridlock. You know the debt ceiling is going to come up again and there will be threats of shutting down the government or perhaps default of one kind or another and that means an economy that gets chilled and jobs that are hard to find. 

A second term for Obama will lead to more congressional "gridlock", Romney said:

I will work on a regular basis with leaders in the House and the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, I'll find those people of good heart and good faith that are willing to put the interests of the people ahead of the interest of politics. We can do it. I've done it before. We are going to work in Washington to help the people.