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Nicolas Maduro wins

Last modified: 15 Apr 2013 07:23

Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidential vote, defeating Henrique Capriles. 

This transcript features highlights from his victory speech: 

"I have won by almost 300,000 votes; that's the decision of the people. I must respect the 7.2 million people who voted for him [opposition candidate Henrique Capriles]. We want peace, tolerance and respect for institutions.

Do you want an audit [of the votes]? Let it be done! I formally request the CNE [electoral authorities] to make an audit so there won't be any doubt in the result.

Democracy is the power of the majority.

In 2007, we lost the only election we will lose this century [a constitutional referendum]. We have won 17 out of 18 elections. Now we have a clear victory. This is the first time the giant has not been the president; now his son is the president.

Tomorrow life goes on.

Now we enter a new phase of acceleration and development. Let's have a debate in the factories, barrios and towns to develop our beautiful country. I was subject to an implacable war for just being a humble worker.

Those who didn't vote for us, I call them to unity. Let's work together for our economy, for our security.

A new era of the Bolivarian Revolution begins, the era of efficiency and people's power.

Christian-Bolivarian-Socialism is the answer to overcoming the anti-values of capitalism...poverty must be zero by 2019. We will do it with a lot of work and a lot of love."