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Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s loyalists have been accused of destabilising the current transitional government [Reuters]

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Yemen - Mar 26, 2012 - 20:07

Last modified: 26 Mar 2012 17:07

The AP reports:

The Saudi Press Agency says Yemen's new president is in Saudi Arabia for talks about problems implementing a Gulf-brokered agreement.

It was supposed to keep his predecessor from meddling in the country's transition.

The official news agency said Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi met Monday with Saudi King Abdullah and other officials, including the kingdom's intelligence chief.

Ousted leader Ali Abdullah Saleh, who remains head of Yemen's ruling political party, signed the US-backed, Gulf-brokered agreement in November.

It granted him immunity from prosecution in exchange for leaving office after months of protests against his rule.

On Sunday, the White House said in a statement that it is concerned about recent reports that some former Yemeni officials from Saleh's government "are being disruptive".

Things aren't looking good for the impoverished country...

Earlier this month the UN envoy to Yemen warned of a growing humanitarian crisis in the country and also condemned recent al-Qaeda attacks in the country.

Jamal Benomar said that roughly three million people were in need of immediate assistance and urged international donors to help the Arab world's poorest country.

Up to 6.8 million Yemenis have been left without enough food during months of political turmoil that has allowed al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula  to gain ground, he said.